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Cool Poker Guide strives to give all poker players the very best advise. Learn how to become as succesfull as possible at playing the game we all love. Our poker guide focused mostly on Texas hold em and offers strategy advice, articles, room and book reviews, lessons and much more.

To help you achieve this we offer a nonbiased presentation of the absolute best (in our opinion) internet poker sites, poker books, poker tools, poker lessons and other valuable material. This will help you become the best and most profitable player possible. Our recommendations focus mainly on Texas Hold em NL and Texas Hold em Limit. We will however also give good advice on Omaha games soon. The rooms, books and tools and other resources we recommend have all proven their worth and can be trusted explicitely.

Texas Hold em Guide: Online Poker Advice

All the poker tools, poker rooms, poker books, online casinos and other subjects that we recommend at this online poker guide, have been studied in great detail by at least 2 different experienced players. Other sites might give you a huge list of 100+ poker sites or 50+ books and leave it up to you to choose where you will try playing poker at. We will make it much easier for you make good choices.

It is not as easy as it once were to find online casinos for the USA but there are still some good options. Check out our casino section for more info on casino online for real money.

We will ONLY recommend the very best. This means that the number of poker sites/books etc. typically will be restricted to the Top 10 or Top 20.

This way we can make sure that you have an easier choice and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your choice every single time. If you follow our recommendations on internet poker rooms, books, tools and more you will stay far away from the poor quality resources. We also give you the best tips on how to profit from your online poker play as much as possible. Our site helps you with all poker aspects,

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