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Pros and Cons of Rakeback Deals

For the most part, rakeback should work in your favor. But in gambling nothing comes without its price. In addition, rakeback does not always work with all poker rooms so this is something to look out for as well. The major advantage of rakeback is that it delivers hundreds of dollars into your poker account—certainly outweighs the cons, but you should investigate a rakeback program before you sign up.

The Problem with Rakeback
One of the major cons with rakeback is that a lucrative rakeback program will most likely not be offered at your current poker room. Rakeback deals are offered through third-party affiliates. These affiliates drive traffic and new sign-ups to online poker rooms. One major problem that can occur is when you are already signed up at the poker room where you want rakeback.
If you sign up straight through the poker room or with an affiliate that doesn’t specifically offer rakeback, you will probably never be able to get a rakeback account at that poker room.
If you sign up with an additional account at the same poker room, they’re not going to be too happy about that. They could ban you outright or even confiscate your winnings if you violated the terms of service. Multiple accounts are generally never allowed at any poker site – they can be used for foul play and are therefore stomped down hard by the poker rooms.

Check the Affiliate’s Reputation
Another potential problem with rakeback affiliates is their reputation. It’s important to sign up with a poker room that has a good customer support operation and a general good reputation, and the same goes for an affiliate. You don’t want to risk a rakeback affiliate going under and losing your account. Usually high-quality casinos are affiliated with high-quality rakeback providers, so the quality of a poker site is a decent barometer that you’re dealing with a decent rakeback affiliate. Cake Poker rakeback offers one of the highest percentage of 33% rakeback which will be paid to your poker account every week. This poker room started in 2006 and also allows US-citizen players.

Those are all the potential problems with rakeback - easily avoided if you know what to look for. If you’re signing up for rakeback and a poker room for the first time, your job is easier: you’ll be able to pick a poker room and rakeback provider at the same time. Just remember to read the terms of any rakeback offer. If the poker site is going to subtract bonus awards and tournament fees from your total net rake, that's something that you need to know before you accept any rakeback deal. 


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