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Short Stack Poker

The term short stack or short stack poker is frequently used in Texas Hold'em to define one player's chip stack to the other players at the poker table. Specifically, short stack poker signifies playing when your number of chips is not as many as your opponents at the table. For example, if you only have $10 worth of chips sitting in front of you, and everyone else is holding at least $100, then you are playing with a short stack. There is a short stack strategy that will allow you to use this to your advantage, however, giving you a better overall poker position in the long run.

Short Stack Poker Strategy Tip: How to play when you have a small stack.

Learning the short stack strategy is absolutely vital if you are hoping to be a successful player at the Texas Hold'em poker tables. You can actually come back from a seemingly poor poker position with a short stack to winning a poker tournament simply because you knew how to play your cards and your chips right.

Here are some principles that are vital to your success with this strategy:

1 - The size of your stack is of the utmost importance.

* It is vital that you keep your stack above a certain level, meaning that you always have at least a certain amount of money at all times. According to many poker greats, as long as your stack is 8 to 10 times the size of the large blind, you can still have a winning strategy.

* If you wait too long to make your move, you will not be successful. Don't let your chips be depleted before you decide to take a stand. Make your move when your bets still have value, then look for the best opportunity to push all in before you get to the point where you are actually short stacked. The real objective here is to pick up the blinds, closing the deal before the flop in some circumstances.

* If you miscalculate the best time to make your move, you will fail. This is the most common mistake with this particular strategy.

2 - You must also constantly consider the importance of your poker position and table image.
* Your table image will come into question whenever you decide to make a move. If you put off a tight image, you may be able to push in earlier positions. Players with looser images will want to wait until later positions.

* Pushing in late position is ideal.

3 - Learn the importance of Hold'Em starting hands.

* Do not move in with the wrong starting hand. Keep the 10 best poker hands in mind when you decide whether or not to go all in. You should only really be moving all in when you have pocket pairs, an Ace, or two high cards.

* The biggest key here is simple: Positioning! With A-2 in early position, you do not want to push the action. However, if you are on the button and your opponents are limping in, going all in on an A-2 is a sturdy strategy.

Short Stack Poker Strategy Tip : Playing Against a Small Stack -

There are two different short stack types at the table, tight aggressive short stacks and manic short stacks. Tight aggressive small stacks are the sort that you can count on to have a relatively decent hand upon going all in. Unless you're holding a monster of a hand, this is where you fold. The manic small stack is a player simply hoping for some luck. Their hand is trash and they are praying that everyone at the table will fold out of the hand. Because this player could be holding absolutely anything, you need to come to a conclusion before you act. What are they holding?

- Are they playing lots of hands or playing loose while chasing straight or flush draws?

- If the manic small stack lost in a large hand recently, he may be going on tilt.

The best way to face any short stack is simply to play the best possible hand. Just know that just because you think your hand is better, doesn't mean it is, and it is not always worthwhile to chase a maniac short stack. Avoid betting against tight aggressive short stacks unless you have one heck of a hand. Do not lay your entire tournament on the line simply because you think your hand is good enough to take out the short stacks.

Make sure to employ your own short stack strategy whenever you are playing in Sit-and-Go poker tournaments.


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