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Card Games Never Change


Has somebody ever thought why some things never change? It is very simple. Some things are nearly perfect and what is perfect does not need changing. Some card games are the same. When card games were made, if they were not good, they didn’t last. The ones that lasted were almost perfect. Since these card games are with us, they didn’t change. It is hard to believe, but they remained the same. Let’s take some examples. Poker games are pretty old. They are a simple form of gambling and since they became known to the world, they are almost the most popular card games in the world. We might think that these games did change trough time, but this is not true. Poker games are all the same. The things that can be changed in the case of poker games are the environment where they are played, some not so important rules, etc.

Poker games have a lot of forms. This is true, but the basic rules and form of poker games is the same. There are tournaments of poker, different software of poker, different tables where to play poker, etc. The essence of poker games stayed the same over time and will stay so forever.

Another example is blackjack. Blackjack is the most simple card game. Everyone can play blackjack. It does not require much skills and thinking. If they are so simple, why do they not have complicated forms? Blackjack cannot have other forms. Blackjack is perfect how it is. The only thing that can change around blackjack is the way the game is presented. This game is also one that will keep its rules, dignity and popularity. It will not change with time.

Card games did not become popular because they have many forms. They became popular because they offered the same perfectness in every way of presentation. Card games can be offered in many ways. Casinos offer card games in a noble way, treating them with respect. Internet offers card games for free and for fun to everybody who wants to try them.

These games nearly touch perfectness. They offer fun, excitement, challenge, everything a player could need. The games themselves will never change, just the environment around them. They are like perfect starting points for everything. These forms of gambling stay in the middle and all that changes is time and the players. The point is that card games never change. 


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