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Different Types of Poker Players


It is possible that you have allready noticed that players are categorised by other players and that these categorisations are often the cause of deep discussion. Some of these categories are  loose passive, tight aggressive and so on but what do they actually  mean?

If you are a fan of online poker games such as knowledge of the poker playing styles are essential to you success at the tables!

Tight passive (TP)

Tight passive players are known as profitable players, who use their patience to analyse when the best time is to gamble and when to hold tight.
TP is generally thought to be a weaker type of player than a tight aggressive and it is thought that to combat this type of player one should raise the bets to coax them out of their negative tactics.

Tight aggressive (TAG)

Tight aggressive players play few hands in comparison to how many they are dealt. Around 20%, give or take, of the hands dealt is generally considered to be a normal ratio for a TAG.
This is the most common categorisation for long term profitable poker players and is common amongst payers who see themselves as career poker players.

Loose passive (LP)

Loose passive players are thought of to be the target of the tight aggressive players. Because Poker is a game which asks for patience tempered with a certain aggression, a LP may struggle to force their advantages when they come.
It is often thought to be form of LP players to pass on their money to the rest of the  players at the table due to their unsuitable tactics.

Loose aggressive (LAG)

Loose aggressive players are thought to be the unpredictable and unquantifiable members of the poker fraternity. With a devil may care attitude, they often happen upon huge wins despite having no hand whatsoever and are therefore treated with a mistrust that stems from their unpredictability.

Despite scoring high in the area of aggression, Loose aggressive players have little of the patience and control needed to become genuinely successful players more often than not.

Characterised by their waywardness, LAGs are often finding themselves in bad situations due to a lack of control  and find themselves losing at least as many big hands as they win.

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