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Playing in an Online Casino


Internet casino, what is it?
When you are new to playing in casinos on your computer you could have some questions. An online casino is just like a  real casino only it's on your computer screen instead of in a building somewhere. Internet gambling is fun and compared with a 'real'
casino you can play the games for free. If you play for real money you can also play with very small amounts from $0.10! Check your country's law regulation on web gambling to prevent problems with payouts and deposits.

Online gambling bonus
Because a virtual casino can't offer you nice drinks and snacks it will give you a deposit bonus! Each new customer will usually get from 50% to 300% bonus on their first deposit. So if you deposit $100 you will actually get from  $150 up to $400 to play with. The most casino sites have a 100% bonus. Furthermore there are different bonuses that you can earn by playing a lot in the same
online casino or season-bonuses like around Christmas, Eastern  and other different holidays.

Online gambling games
Of course you can play all the games that can normally be played in real casinos on your own computer! Enjoy everything from cool 3D slots to great graphics on the roulette. On some special sites you can even have live dealers on games like roulette and blackjack. A live dealer is someone who 'works'  for you just like in a real casino! You can see and hear the live dealer picking your cards at blackjack, this new technology is great fun for the casino players and the dealers also like  to see you win!

Playing in a
casino online is generally pretty safe. However you should always make sure that you only play at reputable sites. Research the site online before you start playing in a specific casino – if there are reports of other people having trouble with the site simple drop it and choose another. If you do decide to make a deposit you can pay using credit card and around 50 other methods. Payments are usually processed by external companies so that the online casino won't see your credit card details. Furthermore most online casinos are licensed by an international gambling label and controlled by different gambling law companies in the country where it is registered. Have a nice game!


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