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Poker Vs. Roulette - Which Casino Game do Your Prefer?

Many poker players enjoy roulette and vice versa. Todd Brunson, one of the foremost cash game players in the world, loves to get in some time at the roulette tables and more than one roulette player has taken his winnings across the casino to try his hand in the poker room.

However, these are very different games. Those who are still exploring the world of casino gambling need to understand the difference.

Poker Vs. Roulette -- Skill Vs. Luck

The skill distinction between poker and roulette is an important one. While there is luck in poker, there is simply no skill involved in roulette.

Virtually all bets on the layout give the House a roughly 5.26 percent edge (2.7 percent on a single zero wheel). Although players can rack up big short term wins, there is no way to beat this edge over the long term. Poker is a completely different animal. In poker, the rake determines the House edge, a percentage dragged for the House out of each pot. However, there is no edge against a particular player. The players compete against each other, which means that although short term luck can create heavy variance, in the long term the best players should win.

Poker Vs. Roulette -- Stress Factor

While piling up a big loss can be stressful in any game, there tends to be more stressful decisions in poker. In casino roulette, each individual spin is a different ball game. You get to decide in advance just how much you want to risk and what kind of odds you want to get. You can go low risk low win frequency high reward by placing $10 on a single number, or more risk, higher win frequency low reward by putting $100 on black. In poker, fewer of these factors are in the player’s immediate control. You may be put to a sudden decision whether you want to risk $100 getting 4-to-1 odds, whereas a hand before you were playing for a $15 pot. Some players strive on this kind of pressure, others do not.

Playing Poker or Roulette

All gamblers and game lovers should give both poker and roulette a shot, perhaps at low stakes, just to see what’s happening. If they like either one, they can continue to play. If not, there are plenty of other gambling and card games out there.


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