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Fair Shuffling in Online Casinos


One of the biggest differences between tradition poker and its online counterpart is the mystery that is presented by online gambling’s shuffling system. Because of this, many people believe that poker websites employ shuffling that is actually not random, dealing in favour of bots (computer players who are disguised as real people), new players who need to win to avoid being discouraged and giving up, or many players at once in order to increase bets. But, very few people actually understand how shuffling works.

Online shuffling is a computer algorithm that is carefully designed by programmers to ensure that the “shuffle” is properly randomized. The algorithm is then performed by the central poker server, and since it’s difficult to understand how the programs work, many online casinos have taken many steps towards proving their shuffle is fair.  Recently due to insider dealings in the FSRC, all Antigua licensed online casinos are to undergo an audit. Read the full online casino compliance audit story.

Many companies actually publish the source code of the algorithms that are employed by the random number generator. Because it’s very difficult to design a one that is actually random enough to use in order to shuffle a deck of 52 cards, publishing these algorithms proves that their engineers are competent in the difficult task of programming for online casinos.
Reading these codes can seem like a foreign language, so how do you know these algorithms are, in fact, well-designed?  Many of the top poker websites have taken the guess-work out of it. They’ve enlisted in the help of auditing companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers to examine their codes and report how fair their programming is. They conduct regular inspections at various times throughout the year.

To seal the deal, a fair online casino obtains a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a regulator that requires license holders to follow certain rules that will ultimately ensure a fair game. Like the auditing companies, Kahnawake conducts regular inspections of licensed websites to make sure that online casino companies continue to uphold their fair shuffling practices.  So, when search for an online casino keep an eye out for these signs, just to make sure you’re not getting duped.


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