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Who Would Make the Best Bingo Chat Host


When you play online Bingo, you may have noticed that many sites make use of chat hosts to guide the game and make sure everyone is utilizing the chat feature in the right way. While many of these chat hosts are everyday people who either work for or volunteer with the website, there are many celebrities that could make great chat hosts for a variety of reasons.

Many Celebrities Would Make Great Chat Hosts
In general, most celebrities would be excellent options to be chat hosts on online Bingo games. The added benefit of celebrity chat hosts would even bring in more people to play because they would be interested in the entertainment value. Following are a list of great options for celebrity chat hosts:

Play Speed Bingo
One of the Jackpotjoy Bingo games that requires a chat host is Speed Bingo. Speed Bingo is available Thursdays through Sundays with a new game starting every 30 seconds so you will never miss out. Jin the fox blasts through space on his rocket as players participate in blackout Bingo games for a large progressive jackpot in a fast-paced game.

As you play, you can take part in the chats moderated by the chat hosts. Before you play, though, you should brush up on your chat lingo, especially in relation to the games because most other abbreviations are industry standard. Important lingo to know includes:

• 1TG, 2TG or 3TG - one, two or three to go
• NT - nearly there
• WDW - well done winner
• UL - unlucky
• YAW - you're a winner

Once you are armed with the right chat lingo, join in the Speed Bingo games and chat it up!

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