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Poker Lessons for Beginners

Poker for Beginners

The very first thing to do when you are beginning to learn something new is to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge. This is true for newbies to poker just as it is for a would-be carpenter or golfer. Before you even consider sitting down at a poker table and laying your own money down please make sure you know this for a bare minimum:

Recommendation for beginners

  1. We recommend you start by reading "Theory of Poker by David Sklansky". It does cover some older poker variants that aren't played much anymore but the coverage on poker in general is the best ever written.
  2. Sign up with Full Tilt Poker (or Titan Poker) and then go through the videos and lessons in the Full Tilt Poker Academy.
  3. Start playing a little poker at very low stakes.
  4. Study some more... and some more ...

Improve your poker game with our poker lessons for beginners

In this section we will provide you with some valuable lessons that can improve your poker game.

These current availiable tips are just ment to be a quick glance a some of the many important aspects of the game. - we are currently developing some free instructional videos for you a long with two free ebooks. However if you plan to be a serious poker player you must still do a lot more studying than just the poker lessons provided here. The books in the Poker Books section together with a good amount of actual table experience should get you of to a good start.

The poker lessons are divided in to the following groups:

Poker tips

A collection of valuable pointers that will cost you a lot of money if you aren’t aware of them. Some things might seam obvious but you will be surpriced to learn just how many players don’t pay enough attention to one or more of the listed tips.
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Poker Tells

A Poker tell is any habit, behavior, or physical reaction, that gives other players information about your hand. The following tells are among the most common can apply against novice or advanced players. Tells are generally a difficult subject because once a poker player reaches a certain level they become aware of their own tells and start faking tells to throw their opponents off.

So always remember to evaluate the player on whoom you think to have spotted a tell – is he/she good enough to be faking it?
Also realize that most tells apply to real live games and not to online games. Online games do have some unique type of tells. Online tells can be even more difficult to spot and are often more unreliable (mainly because you can’t see your opponent).
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Game selection (online games)

This section consist of two subjects:
“Choosing site” and “Choosing game”

Which site you play at is a wide mixture of personal preferences, safety, financial considerations just to mention a few factors.
Many poker players don’t pay much attention to which games the participate in. Either they are not aware of the importance of game selction or they figure (most often wrongly) that they can beat any game.

Choosing a game with the right structure (Limit / No Limit), level and opponents is one of the most influential elements on your overall success, so please don’t take this lightly.
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As mentioned earlier we are working on expanding our section with more detailed poker lessons.

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