Mike Caro

Caro's Book of Poker Tells

By Mike Caro

Book Description

Caro's Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro

Mike Caro aka "Madman" is always fun to watch at the poker table. His book is one of the absolute classics that must be in any serious poker players collection. It focuses on the psychology of poker - observation skills are paramount.

Book Review

This book is in many ways one of a kind. It focuses on the complex and imprecise science of reading other poker players' tells and it does it so well that no other serious books have been written to address this aspect of poker play..

The book is ordered into types of poker tells with examples of the specific tells. The analysis is thougrough and still current even though the original edition was published some years ago.
You will be hard pressed to find any other works solely on the topic of poker tells, and some of the best poker books ever published make reference to this milestone work.

The field is pretty divided between those who think it is a great book and those who think it is utter crap.

In our opinion the book is a must read. You cannot read it lightly however, it must be read in great detail and you have to do a lot of thinking about the tells and how to actually get any real value from it. Tells are rarely obvious and it takes concentration to find them. And remember – even if you spot a tell your opponent might be faking it, trying to lure you in to a trap.

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