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Professional Poker - Playing Poker For a Living

Professional Poker By Mark Blade

By Mark Blade

Book Description

Have you ever fantasized about playing poker for a living? If so, Professional Poker is your indispensable guide. You will learn poker odds and expert-level playing skills that form the foundation of a pro's playing abilities, along with career issues such as managing bankrolls, work hours, tournaments vs. cash games, travel, emotional control, paying taxes, getting staked, and online play.

Professional Poker outlines each step you will take in your transition to the professional level, and, if you're already there, introduces skills and valuable advice that will empower you to always play your 'A" game.

Book Review

Don’t be mislead by the title. This book have plenty to offer even if you are not thinking about going Pro. Actually it is the most well writing Poker book we have read to date. On top of this Mark covers several areas that have only been hinted at by others. He has really done some groundbreaking work with this book and every Poker player should read it.

And not to forget – if you are thinking of playing poker for a living then this is the absolute best book on the subject.

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